Mind the Gap

It’s all in the distance!

Clearly this show is focused on distance jumping in the most extreme form. The specially developed SB Halfpipe transforms into the unique Mind the Gap ramp. Normailly the speed in the Halfpipe is used to jump high in the air. On this setup, the SB Team performs grabs, spins and flips jumping a distance of several meters. After every show, the gap will increase.

The gap between the launch and landing can be filled. This creates an impressive visual effect for the crowd. Examples to fill the gap are: a car, DJ Booth, juice bar, product booth/stand, breakdancers etcetera. An enthusiastic MC explains which tricks are performed by the SB Team, he will interact with the crowd for a dyniamic and complete show.

See Media for more pictures of the Mind the Gap Shows!

Details Mind the Gap

Setting up time: 120 minutes

Number of skaters: 6

Number of shows: 4

Duration of shows: 15 minutes

Dimensions: L 30m x W 3m x H 3,70m

Break down time: 60 minutes

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