The cityhopper show
It all started in 2012 with the unique video production: Cityhopper Holland. Visiting highly recognizable tourist landmarks in Holland with a customized ramp. The video became a huge online success (over 200.000+ views) and led to a sequel: Cityhopper Europe and after that Cityhopper World with over 350.000+ views.
The team travelled the world and visited some of the most influential and cultural capitols with the signature ramp. Showcasing the cities environment from a new perspective; a rollerbladers view. Skating the streets and using each city as a skatepark.

Now it’s also possible to book Cityhopper as a show.

SB events can make a Cityhopper tour on your event. Sven Boekhorst and his team wandered across the “Breakfest Festival” in Landgraaf. It’s a nice and dynamic way of entertainment at your event. The visitors will be amazed of all the random action they will see.
Another option is a Cityhopper show in combination with the unique footage we shot during our Cityhopper shoots. This would work best indoor at any presentation. First the people will see a small part of the Cityhopper videos which end with a live jump over anything you can think of which is 2,5m high and 4m long.

Feel free to contact us for any enquiries or a custom made show.





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