SB Events is founded in 2006 by former World Champion Sven Boekhorst. Sven started skating in the early 90’s in Den Bosch, the Netherlands. In 2000 he won every contest, which includes winning the Triple Crown (winning X-Games, Gravity Games and World Championships). In his years as a professional skater he also had a character in a videogame (Aggressive Inline),  performed three weeks in a big theatre show on Broadway, NYC, with a theatre group from Amsterdam and got his own Rollerblade pro model “Sven Boekhorst’ skate.
In 2012 Sven and the crew started with the unique video production: Cityhopper. Visiting highly recognizable tourist landmarks with a customized ramp. The first video became a huge online success and led to a sequel: Cityhopper Europe and after that Cityhopper World with over 360.000+ views. (see video below) The team travelled the world and visited some of the most influential and cultural capitols with the signature ramp. Showcasing the cities environment from a new perspective; a inline skaters view. Skating the streets and using each city as a skatepark.

After all the experiences from skating as a professional, Sven decided to take his career to the next level by starting SB Events. SB Events is a company that provides professional skating shows for different kind of events, adjustable to every situation. Check out the references for the shows.

Furthermore, SB Events is organising their own events. Taking care of their own production. SB Events can also be used for total video coverage of an event.

SB Events has a creative team who can help by setting up an total new concept (product presentations, product launched etc.). Contact SB Events for more information about custom skating shows.

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