Flying high!

Probably the most well known variation of inline skating: halfpipe skating. This Halfpipe however is 3,7 meters high
and still very compact! The SB-Team riders will get airborne to a impressive height of at least 4,5 meters on this special developed Halfpipe. The SB-Team performs the most spectacular grabs, spins and flips, both individual and together, so called doubles and triples. To achieve more altitude and next level tricks, SB Events developed this special Halfpipe.

Using an extra construction on top of the Halfpipe, the riders can jump into the Halfpipe and get extra speed! An
entousiastic MC explains which tricks are performed by the skaters, he will interact with the crowd for a dynamic and
complete show.

See Media for more pictures of the Halfpipe Shows!


Details Halfpipe

Setting op time: 90 minutes

Number of skaters: 4 (Sven Boekhorst included)

Number of shows: 4

Duration of shows: 20 minutes

Dimensions: L 12m x W 3m x H 3,70m

Break down time: 60 minutes