Sven Boekhorst pro skate

Rollerblade is one of the international market leaders in the inline skate industry. They have been producing inline skates since mid-’80’s, after releasing the first skates on the market. Since the start they are on the top of the market with numerous innovations. Since the 90’s Sven gets a lot of support from Rollerblade. This made it possible for him to compete nationally and internationally, with winning the World champion title in 2000 as the most important one.

Skate Story Sven
Together with Rollerblade we explored the different possibilities for my new skate. Some main features have been redesigned for the SB skate. The cuff is redesigned; the plastic part at the strap is cut off to improve the comfort. I wanted the skate to be very light, so we choose for two straps instead of clips. The colour of my skate is army green. I choose this because I think it’s a striking colour for a skate, and because of my nickname. We made the plates grey, so the skate looks more like a shoe. For the frame, we choose for the new BLANK frame. I’m very happy with this frame. It slides very well, is unbreakable and fits 64mm wheels. Ralf v/d Kerkhof designed the logos for the skate. On the cuff you will find the logo with my given nickname “The Silent Asassin”, and on the tongue of the liner; a crown with my initials. Pretty fresh! This is a dope colorway, not used by much other skates.
presentatie skate